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Sexy Christmas Gifts | Best Christmas Sex Toys & Dildos

Sexy Christmas Gifts | Best Christmas Sex Toys & Dildos

Spiced rum... Spiced pumpkin latte... Spiced up sex life in 2020!

Shop online for sexy Christmas gifts, sex toys & dildos to surprise your lover with the perfect erotic gift for passionate & kinky Christmas morning sex. From cheap, hilarious or romantic sexy stocking stuffers to luxurious pleasure-packed presents, this adult gift guide covers it all.

This annual 2020 Christmas sex toys gift guide was made with love so you can assure the dildo you'll be buying is a good one that your partner will love just as much as I do!

I've also added some of the best sexual Christmas gag gift ideas in stock today for those who appreciate raunchy comedy and have a dirty sense of humor.

Some of the most important features that make the best sexy Christmas gifts are attractive packaging, red & green colors, product availability (which is an industry wide problem right now), value for the dollar, uniqueness, popularity, modern features including upcoming trends and the hottest “must-have” sex toys right now.

Best Christmas Dildos

Out of all Christmas sex toy presents, dildos are the best seller. Why? It's no secret that bringing a dildo into the bedroom is a perfect way to fire up your love life.

Dildos encourage the duo to enjoy lovemaking, slow down and spend more time on foreplay before intercourse. Simply put, dildos make your sex life more exciting by adding a sense of playfulness. They are not just for solo self-love anymore, they are interactive intimate accessories for both partners.

maia ribbed

Maia Dildo

Does she like big dildos? The Maia Dildo - ($37.25) is the most elegant and luxurious ribbed pure silicone dildo we have available for sale. Maia features a totally modern looking design, minimal phallic appearance and a solid silky smooth shaft.

She'll be delighted with this attractive thing in hand, the heavily ribbed and extra bulky 8 inch shaft creates one of the finest sexual experiences a gal could have with a dildo. Pure silicone is great for those with skin sensitivities too.

wild ride

Wild Ride

One of the prettiest Christmas dildos of 2020, Wild Ride - ($26.44) shines with a luscious, beautiful glimmer, an excellent first impression when she unwraps her present in the morning. Extra thick large vibrating dildo is soft and pliable and has enough flex to keep her experience comfortable and enjoyable.

The extra exaggerated mushroom tip is erotically charged, truly living up to its name “Wild Ride”! Hopefully she invites you in to watch when she gives it a run in the sack. 9 inches long, requires 2 AA batteries sold separately.

jack rabbit 5 row

Jack Rabbit Vibrator – 5 Row

No kinky X-mas gift list is complete without the addition of a rabbit vibrator. Jack Rabbit Vibrator – 5 Row - ($70.46) is by far the best one I've ever seen. I've been working with sex toys for the past 15 years and this is a consistent best seller, year after year.

Perfectly engineered, tons of power, spinning metal beads, gyrating head, stiff and powerful clitoral stimulator – it literally has everything except the kitchen sink. It's also fully waterproof so she can hop in the shower in the morning before work and let the bunny really wake her up!

Posh Thumper

Posh Thumper

A tiny vibrating dildo for beginners that reaches all her erogenous zones at once. Posh Thumper - ($25.21) has a curved tip for the G-spot and a flexible clitoral stimulator for an external tease. It's really small which I think is a great feature since most rabbit style dildos like this are much larger.

It also has a stylish looking appearance making it one of the finest sexy gifts for women, especially first timers because it's so small. A great accessory to bring into the bedroom to get her warmed up before sex!

candy cane

Candy Cane

With a name like “Candy Cane - ($14.57)” it's obvious this is one of the top Christmas dildos for women. The best part? It vibrates! Of course if you're seeking a non-vibrating toy, then just skip loading the batteries and keep the motor off.

This fun little female sex toy is made of solid, smooth plastic with a tapered end. Discreet swirled design and small size is ideal for first timers. A great price makes this a top budget option for those shopping on the cheap!

mr swirly

Mr. Swirly Dildo

Glass dildos are the epitome of luxury. Every lady wants one. Mr. Swirly - ($21.86) is a 7 inch long G-spot glass sex toy with a swirled design that looks like a candy cane. It's cheap compared to many others, but still made of the same shatterproof Pyrex style glass.

The base has a rounded bulb that can be inserted into the body too and offers a contrast to the thin curved tip on the opposite end. The raised blue swirl has a ribbed texture; just enough to add a sensual pizzazz to the toy.

red head

Red Head Dildo

This hand blown piece of art is a wonderful X-mas present idea. Red Head Dildo - ($28.34) naturally with a holiday theme – the deep red swirly pattern! This makes an excellent to choice because it's super discreet, very classy and totally sophisticated. All women like glass sex toys.

The heavy feel and smooth glide is so different compared to anything else. There really is no other toy quite like it. Here you'll find the curve is great for the G-Spot and the flared spade shaped heads “pop” in and out of the body with a lusty sensation she'll crave.


Teardrop Vibrator

Not just a pretty look, but a perfectly shaped pleasure tool for serious erotic pleasure. Teardrop Vibrator - ($13.78) has a torpedo shaped head that gradually narrows to a thin neck. A powerful and well designed 6 inch long waterproof vibrator on the cheap.

When inserted into the vagina, all she'll focus on is the buzzing from within and not vaginal stretching. Full and complete internal stimulation like this is a powerful way for her to experience the finest in personal self pleasure.

Sexy Christmas Gifts for Him

These ideas for men are suitable for a boyfriend & husband. Add a dash of kinky fun, a good dose of erotic play and a fun sexual accessory to bring into the bedroom for the best Christmas sex of your life. Some of these are for his own personal pleasure time, but who's not to say you can't tuck in behind him and take part of the action?

head honcho

Head Honcho

If you want to buy him a discreet male sex toy for X-mas, Head Honcho - ($18.62) must be your choice. Trust me, it's the finest masturbation toy a guy could stick his dick into. It is soft just like jelly and doesn't look like a vagina.

It features suction chambers inside the tunnel that increase suction as he jerks off. The build up simulates the feel of a blow job. Closed end helps to maintain this sucking sensation and also prevents him from making a mess all over the floor after he's done!

optimale vibro

Optimale Vibro

The most advanced vibrating masturbator for men, Optimale Vibro - ($40.49) lavishes him in total style while paving the way for the most pleasurable well rounded orgasm. Want to give him a good masturbator but worry about awkwardness if he unwraps a realistic pocket pussy infront of you?

I understand completely, this would be awkward for me too! Buy the Optimale stroker. It's the best non-phallic masturbator for him with all the features he could ever ask for in a high quality luxury toy.

gun oil

Gun Oil Masturbation Lube

Give him the gift of personal pleasure with the original Gun Oil Masturbation Lube - ($9.07). It is a water based formula meaning it he won't need to take a shower after he's done to rinse it off. It comes in 3 sizes.

Perfect for the man on the go, and also a great lube to use when you want to give him a little hand service to “clean out the pipes!” Super attractive masculine packaging makes this an ideal sexy Christmas gift for him.

door cuffs

Door Cuffs

The kinky minded fella is going to love this present. Door Cuffs - ($22.67) are an original and creative way to add some kink factor to your sex life. Let our your secret S&M fantasies this holiday season. Excellent to use in combination with other sex toys, you can turn your bedroom into an erotic playground of sensual bondage and dominance.

The plastic tubes fit over the top of a door. The restraint straps hang freely to tie your partner in a upright position leaving their entire body exposed. Ooooh naughty! This is one of my all-time favorite kinky gifts for men.

santa secret  coupon

Santa's Sex Position Coupons

Everyone loves sex coupons. Santa's Sex Position Coupons - ($5.66) are the first I've seen with a holiday theme incorporating naughty Santa into the picture. It's a fabulous  naughty Christmas gag gift idea with a purpose!

I think men love sex coupons because they know it guarantees several exciting sexual encounters with you! A tear away book with 20 different sex positions to redeem anytime he's feeling horny.

sexy 6

Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice

Sex dice on steroids! Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice - ($10.11) go far and beyond your typical “kiss here” and “lick there” boring suggestions. Some may think dice are strictly Christmas gag gift ideas, but the reality is they are handy to have around when you're horny and in a frisky mood.

This is a complete 6 part sex dice game that encourages a duo to stay a little longer on the foreplay phase before rushing onto sex. Roll the dice then line them up and follow the sequence in order from 1 to 6.

erotic paint

Erotic Lover's Chocolate Body Paint

You might be thinking that chocolate body paint should be a gift for women, but these are better suited to guys. The reason? Erotic Lover's Body Paint - ($13.76) has profanity written on the each container! The sexual innuendo here is as blunt as it gets: "paint it - eat it - lick it - fuck it".

Direct suggestions telling you exactly what's going to happen next. A real chocolate flavored edible body paint with hilarious packaging, he'll have a good laugh before carrying you into the bedroom to give it a try!

advanced nipple sucker

Advanced Nipple Suckers

Don't ignore the power of nipple play! Advanced Nipple Suckers - ($9.71) are a superb idea because they introduce a man to the sensual enjoyment of nipple suction. Extra large rounded bulbs fit a man's body better.

Give it a squeeze and stick one to each of his nipples before mutual masturbation or sex. The best part? At under $10 they are a fun cheap sexy Christmas gift to encourage him to try something new.

super 8 sling

Super 8 Sling & Ring Combo

Penis rings might seem like an odd gift at first, but the Super 8 Sling & Ring Combo - ($17.81) is tailor made for enhancing male sexual pleasure. He'll benefit from increased enjoyment during masturbation and intercourse.

Extra thick gummy soft bands completely surround his manhood and cradle the scrotum placing consistent even pressure throughout The concept seems simple, but it boosts orgasmic pleasure and intensity when its time to finish.

Vibrating Grip Stroker

Vibrating Grip Stroker

Every man who buys the Vibrating Grip Stroker - ($29.96) loves it. Why? It's so easy to use. Men like easy. No fumbling trying to insert into a hole, just lay your wood inside the open shell and stroke it.

Open bat wing style design fits every dude no matter how big or small, long or short. Medium density silicone has a deeply ribbed surface and the silver bullet vibe spreads equal intensity throughout. It's waterproof so he can use in the shower to "wake up" in the morning before work.

Sex Scenarios

Sex Scenarios

I have never met a man on earth who doesn't think role play is cool. Sex Scenarios - ($7.59) is a role play game with 60 cards each depicting a different scenario ranging from hotel maid to sexy photographer.

Embrace your adventurous and playful side as you assume out-of-the-ordinary personas and experiment with a wide range of mischievous sexual activities and scenarios. Get into character and act out some of your secret fantasies! You know you want to (and so does he)!

Sexy Christmas Gifts for Her

These ideas for women are suitable for a girlfriend & wife. Here you'll see a theme of passion, a sprinkle of romance and a good dose of magical sexual fun to create the finest erotic present a lady will adore. These unique Christmas dildos and sexual adult toy gifts are definitely more fun when both of you are playing together!

  • Guarantee the gift of plentiful orgasms! Purchase one of the strongest vibrators of all time. The extra power will make her extra happy, I promise!
  • G-Spot orgasms feel like a little slice of heaven. Select one of the all-time best G-Spot vibrators. In this entry, you'll find video demos and full reviews and comparisons of various G spot sex toys for women. Shopping made easy.
  • Ladies like pretty things. Is she a girly girl? Pick any of the best butterfly vibrators. A quick reference guide for guys shopping for sexy Christmas dildo gifts for the wife or girlfriend. Butterfly dildos are subtly naughty without being blatantly over the top with sexual innuendo.

revitalize kit

Revitalize Clit Pleasure Kit

This fashionable super classy clitoral stimulator comes complete in a gift ready box set. Revitalize Clit Pleasure Kit - ($20.45) is a long time favorite for ladies because it comes with 3 solid yet smooth attachments each lending to a different sensation.

The pocket rocket style vibrator and all 3 attachments have a warm velvety coating to add a touch of luxury while the shiny studded silver base has a retro inspired style. All this fine elegance comes in at a cheap price for the quality you get.

sparkler massager

Sparkler Mini Massager

Introducing one of the world's best Christmas sex toys for her in 2020. Sparkler Mini Massager - ($9.71), a discreet personal massager available in the most perfectly suited color of the season – Green!

The holiday theme continues with the shimmering inlaid sparkles that create a glitter effect to remind you of the falling snow outside. So tuck away together with this budget friendly small vibrator for women and enjoy a toasty warm encounter for 2!

remote vibrating panty

Remote Control Vibrating Panty

The only truly interactive sexy Christmas lingerie – Remote Control Vibrating Panty - ($52.64) is one piece you'll both want to leave on too! This sexy lacy thong panty features a sewn in pouch that holds a mini vibrator.

A separate remote control activates the motor and cycles through 20 various pulsating patterns. This can be worn in public, but if you use it someplace quiet others may hear. It's best to use in a park or someplace outdoors (like at an outdoor X-mas light festival). Let the kinky fun begin!

screaming o bullet

Screaming O Bullet

Mini bullet vibrators are a frisky and fun addition to bedroom romps. The Screaming O Bullet - ($11.17) is one of my top favorites because it's so tiny yet packs a powerful punch considering its size.

Grippy rubber coating sticks to the clit for a strong direct buzz. There are 3 speeds and 1 pulsing function to add to the excitement. Wireless is a huge bonus - no cords or controllers to get in the way so you can both enjoy free, unencumbered joy.


Wanachi Wand

A budget friendly wand vibrator to ease daily stress and gradually ease you both into sensual foreplay. Wanachi Wand - ($17.81) is a battery operated wand vibrator with a flexible neck and smooth head. The head angles as you rub it over her body.

It's an excellent precursor to lovemaking because wand vibrators are made specifically to relax the mind and body first, then stimulate the erogenous zines next. The completely discreet appearance and non-phallic shape make it the perfect sensual Christmas sex toy gift for her.

Petite Satin G

Petite Satin G

I absolutely adore G-Spot vibrators with a large egg shaped tip and super skinny shaft. Petite Satin G - ($17.16) may be small, but even ladies who already own a plethora of vibrators will appreciate this one.

The egg shaped head contains a strong motor, and the wide swath makes it easy to locate the G-spot. As a contrast, the shaft is thinner than a finger so that all she'll focus on is the internal vibration. Elegant silky feeling coating completes this wonderfully luxurious G-Spot massager.

clit kisser

Clit Kisser

A sensual favorite that has appeared in my “best sellers” lists for over 10 years. Clit Kisser - ($20.24) has a sturdy and slippery jelly tongue that feel strikingly realistic, especially when well lubricated.

Push the tongue into the vagina and enjoy the feel of those thick, luscious lips as they surround the labia and create a mild sucking sensation. A powerful tool for arousal and a top choice for gals with vaginal dryness or a low libido.


Sensuva Chocolate Arousal Oil

Does she have a low libido? A little goes a long way to create clitoral tingling which in turn makes the vagina naturally wet. Sensuva Arousal Oil - ($20.14) is made with a unique blend of pure essential oils & extracts.

When applied to the clitoris, it creates an exciting sensation that pulsates and vibrates the most sensitive part of her sensual body, and has a delicious chocolaty flavor for her partner to enjoy. That's why arousal oils are so damn great, they really help the body & mind prepare for sex.

Fun Christmas Sex Toys for Couples

If you'd like to add a little “play” to your sex life, these fun Christmas sex toys for couples are suitable for gag gifts, but also totally practical and usable. Consider them a little inspiration for your holiday shopping!

  • Looking for a playful sexy Christmas gift idea? Buy one of the 20 best clitoral vibrators and use it together during foreplay to increase her arousal and give you a great show to watch. The perfect tease and please to get you both hot & horny before the final act!
  • Prefer an "out of the box" sex toy? Shop our selection of fun vibrators for couples. There's some unusual and creative suggestions to get your thinking cap spinning when shopping for sexy Christmas gifts online.
  • Is your sex life "ho-hum"? Pegging sex is a popular activity for heterosexual couples across the USA. I would suggest talking together about it first and if he's game, then buy pegging toys for beginners to get started down this kinky path of fetish sexual exploration.

frisky finger

Frisky Finger

Finger vibrators are a favorite suggestion for couples who want to try something new in the bedroom but want to keep it simple. For many partners, this is their first step in the door to sex toys!

The Frisky Finger - ($14.57) is my favorite. Gently vibrating, super soft with a perfect curve to caress the clit. If you typically skip mutual masturbation and go directly to intercourse, this gem will teach you to slow it down and enjoy the intimate sharing of foreplay.

fifty shades finger

50 Shades of Grey Finger Vibe

50 Shades of Grey anything is a famously popular romantic gift for the wife or girlfriend. The 50 Shades Finger Vibrator - ($19.97) is a great option for enhancing her pleasure and increasing arousal during foreplay.

The firm silicone surface transfers intense vibrations into her body. Flat surface with raised bumps makes the perfect nipple teaser too! Comes in a branded “Fifty Shades of Grey” box ready for gift-giving.

triple orgasm ring

Triple Orgasm Ring

Vibrating penis rings are probably the most non-mainstream yet wildly underrated type of adult toy for lovers. The Triple Orgasm Ring - ($30.78) however is worthy enough to claim its own space in your sex toy stash.

Double vibrators combine to create a powerful stimulating addition to intercourse. The long soft rabbit ears will touch her clit and tease the perianal region for a massive boost to the fun. Extra soft and floppy silicone rabbit feels cozy for him to wear.

lovers delight

Lovers Delight

My top recommendation for couples shopping for sex toys for the first time together. Lovers Delight - ($18.63) is extremely squishy, I'm talking jelly-soft here. He wears it around the base of his erection and the bumpy rounded tip teases her clitoris during lovemaking.

The ring stretches really far to assure the most comfortable fit no matter his penis size. The vibrator is subtle and not too over the top for lovers who want to try something a little more toned down and subtle.

Slugger Penis Sleeve

Slugger Penis Sleeve

This magical device is custom made to improve sensations for both partners during intercourse. Slugger Penis Sleeve - ($17.81) is an extra stretchy, skin-like feeling thin penis sleeve with gently raised bumps peppering the interior.

The tip is flared just like a condom so he can ejaculate while wearing the sleeve (but keep in mind this is not a form of birth control). Silky feeling texture and extra padding increases his length and girth to inject a little more excitement to sex with "the same 'ol erection".


ID Frutopia Edible Lube

I know this isn't a sex toy, but edible lubricants are such an integral part of great foreplay that it deserves a mention here anyway. ID Frutopia Edible Lube - ($12.95) is a multi purpose lubricant and the best choice for adventurous lovers in the sack.

Firstly, it's water based lube, safe with sex toys and condoms. Secondly, the Vegan formula is safe to ingest, completely edible, and sugar-free so it doesn't leave sticky residue.

Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Here we'll find the best kinky suggestive ideas, cheap, simple & sexy stocking suffers for men, women & couples. Many of these items will generate a good laugh, as they border Christmas gag gift ideas territory, but once behind closed doors in privacy you'll discover they have purpose!

I love leaving funny and hilarious sexy stocking stuffers for my husband hanging on the fireplace mantle. Stockings are for fun anyway so they should be filled with silly things. It's a tradition at my home and hopefully you'll start your own too!

peppermint lube

Peppermint Cooling Lube

Peppermint flavored anything is the most naturally perfect holiday accessory! I personally adore this formula. Peppermint Cooling Lube - ($6.08) is one of the finest fluids out there providing a fresh chilly tingle while dosing your body with a vividly wonderful peppermint scent. Condom & sex toy safe.

12 sex games of Christmas

12 Sex Games of Christmas

A fun and flirty holiday themed spinner sex game for couples, 12 Sex Games of Christmas - ($12.14) is the ideal sexy stocking stuffer.

It doesn't need any convincing really, a holiday themed kinky sex game for a budget price inspires you to try new positions and activities in the bedroom. 'Nuff said!

sexy santa says

Sexy Santa Says

A sex card game for lovers with extra naughty suggestions is a brand new addition for the 2020 holiday season. Featuring a year's worth of cards to keep the fun going all year long. Does your partner have a dirty sense of humor?

Among the 52 Sexy Santa Says - ($7.28) cards are hilarious and super naughty Christmas themed word play suggestions such as: “suck his north pole while Ms. Claus might want a finger in her figgy pudding.

dick lips

Dick Lips Gummy Rings

The perfect sexy stocking stuffer for men, Dick Lips Gummy Rings - ($6.18) come in brightly colored attractive packaging, but the part he'll care about the most is he knows this guarantees at least 3 blow jobs in the near future.

Inside are 3 sweet flavors of edible cock rings that slide over this erection before a blow job. A tasty treat for everyone and a clever, original novelty for a sexy Christmas!


Ride 'Em Cowgirl Book

A cheeky and flirty sex position book written by famous author Sadie Allison, a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists. What's up with all the credentials?

It proves she knows her stuff and can bring years of expertise to create one of the nicest sex positions books I've ever read. Ride 'Em Cowgirl Book - ($17.13) features 19 chapters of inspiration to spice up the love life and makes a superb sexy holiday gift for her.

Before you roam free to start your sexy Christmas gift shopping, check these out:

  1. Sex coupons & sex dice are a sure-fire hit. They're also the cheapest adult novelty you can get so if you're looking for “bang for the buck”, sex coupons & dice are hands-down the easiest and best Christmas sex novelties for a good giggle under the tree in 2020.
  2. If you're looking for funny adult Christmas gag gift ideas, check out our hilarious sexual gag gifts category for some fun ideas. A hilarious sexy stocking stuffer is always a good idea for those with a dirty sense of humor.
  3. Is romance more your style? Sensual & edible massage oils are one of the best sexy stocking stuffers for lovers. Shopping for husband or wife? Girlfriend or boyfriend? This is a unisex gift that both men and women enjoy receiving because it encourages intimacy and sweet moments of seductive personal sharing.

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Mayla Green

Mayla Green has been involved in the sex toy industry since 2004. Working behind the motto “Sex TOYS should be FUN”, Mayla provides unique tips & advice amassed from over a decade of hands on experience with adult products. She also coaches clients how to fully enjoy sexual pleasure and can be seen in major publications & magazines online.

Happily married since 2009, she knows firsthand how the sex life eventually becomes repetitive (which truthfully means boring), so if you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Mayla's your gal! Her literary pride & joy is covering topics for established couples needing inspiration to keep lovemaking exciting and fun.

Not in a relationship? Her other focus is teaching women how to properly handle the “little person in the canoe” to experience the best orgasms ever, no partner required! Her creative and innovative tips, techniques and advice is on par with a certified sex therapist or Sexologist, but with an extra advantage from her knowledge of the adult toy business.

View all articles published by Mayla Green exclusively for The Adult Toy Shop sex blog. Mayla Green's Linkedin profile highlights her professional background, experience and training.

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