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Bare Dildo Harness

The most discreet harness. All the focus will be on your lover's body!

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If you want to try a strap on dildo harness but are distracted by a big or bulky panty style, this sleek, slimline style is your perfect solution. All the focus will be on your lover's body and the dildo they possess!

The barely-there thong harness does not sacrifice function for looks either, it effectively holds a dildo in the metal ring while keeping your feminine gait in tact as you strut your stuff. Features 3 way heavy duty adjustable nylon straps that connect together around a metal ring that rests over the tail bone. Includes a metal O ring that accommodates dildos under 1 1/2 inches wide.

The metal ring can be disconnected from the straps by pulling apart the clasps. You can then substitute a larger ring if you want to attach big dildos to the harness instead. This is our favorite simple dildo harness, the heavy duty yet discreet styling is a top choice for women who are looking for a strap on to attach pegging dildos for their man.Maximum Waist Size: 60 inches
Harness Material:
Nylon straps, metal ring
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