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Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Here it is! The remote controlled vibrating thong.

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Remote control vibrators are always a hot commodity. There's something so intimately erotic about letting you lover control your sexual arousal at their whim. The hot-blooded red lace panty ties at the side like a bikini, so this is the only vibrating panty where waist size doesn't matter! The red bullet vibrator slides into the fabric pocket in the crotch. The clear remote wire can flex, so it's easy to tuck it into the pocket alongside the vibrator. The vibrator is controlled by a black finger ring. The silicone ring can be worn on a finger, but you can also put it in your pocket too. Press the circular button on the top of the ring to activate the motor. To keep the wearer on their toes, a myriad of functions and speeds are available at the click of the button. To turn it off, hold the button for 3 seconds. The remote control has a 50 foot range. A clever and original new style of couples sex toy, the remote controlled vibrating thong is a perfect erotic gift! Maximum Hip Size: N/A Minimum Hip Size: N/A Batteries: 3 cells, 6 are included & 1 3V cell, included Motor: 3 speeds & 7 vibrating patterns

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