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Triple Suckers Set

Pile on the erotic goodness & heighten sensation!

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Enjoy powerful suction with this triple set of ergonomically sized suction cylinders. Pile on the goodness with both nipples and the clitoris simultaneously taking a bombarding of vacuum suction. The result? Massively heightened sexual arousal and greater sensitivity to the areas where applied. Furthermore, the nipples and clitoris will remain engorged with blood for about 20 minutes making them look puffy and more desirable to your partner.

These self-contained suction devices work with a simple twist. Silent, simple, and discreet, these suckers can be taken and used practically anyway for on the go stimulation. Lubed internally for smooth movement and a strong seal that makes for sublimely powerful suction.

To use, press the cylinder onto the area and twist the cap to retract the screw inside the cylinder. This action creates the vacuum suction inside the cylinder. To remove, twist the cap the opposite direction. Includes 3 suckers. The cylinder opening is 3/4 inches in diameter the entire item measures 4 inches long.

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