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Jack Aide Gel - 3 Sizes

The 1st water based masturbation lube for men.
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Men: Are you annoyed with all the female lubricants on the market? Do you simply want a good lube for jacking off? Does reaching for a pink bottle emasculate you? We get it. So does Zero Tolerance, a line of sexual products for men. The 1st water based masturbation lube for men. Most masturbation lubricants are silicone which glides better than water, but it is annoying to clean up. Water base lube does not require equal amounts of soap to get it off your skin. Just a few pumps and it will soak into the skin gradually. If it dries out before you're done, add a little bit of water to reactivate the slippery consistency. This formula is similar to sexual lubricants, but it has a manly looking bottle. Don't feel like a girl anymore when jacking off, grab the lube for men. Condom Safe: Yes Sex Toy Safe: Yes Volume:1 ounce, 2 ounces, 4 ounces Type: Water Based
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