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Vibro Nipple Pumps

Crazy stimulation for your nipple play.

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Crazy stimulation! These original Vibrating Nipple Pumps are packed with tons of features for extreme nipple play. Firstly, the pumping action is supreme.

The large rubber bulbs create awesome suction, thanks to the solid plastic circular cups that don't allow the vacuum suction to leak away. 1 squeeze is all it takes to stick it to grab the nipple and yank it deep into the chamber. Next, the stretched nipple will encounter the collection of long, soft ticklers buried deep inside the cup. These squish against your skin and feel like a gentle bite - brisk and tantalizing.

The ticklers are comfortable because they bend as needed to tease, but not annoy. It's perfect! Lastly, the vibration enhances everything going on - tenfold! Powered by 2 AA batteries (sold separately), these nipple pumps vibrate stronger than the others. The separate control pack lets you control both motors with one turn of the dial. The cords are long enough to let you place the control pack on the bed and it won't get in your way.

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