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Women's Intimate Pump

A large swath of suction ignites sexual urges.

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This odd looking female pump is perfect for the lady who loves sexual experimentation. The large circular cup sucks your lips, labia, clitoris and whatever else gets caught in the way. The suction isn't overly strong, rather it's a subtle suckling sensation similar to a lover's open mouth.

Get creative where you place this - a myriad of erotic sucking is in your midst! The silicone sleeve helps to offer a better air seal, but smearing lubrication around the cup's opening will definitely help to enhance the sucking power over the vagina. Hold the bulb in your hand and compress the end repeatedly to create suction. Press the heart shaped release valve on the bulb when you're done.

Cup Height:
3 1/2 inches
Cup Diameter:
1 3/4 inches (inside diameter)
Plastic cup & handle, Silicone tubing & sleeve
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:Yes

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