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Zoro Strap on for Men

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Zoro is a groundbreaking comfortable strap on for men with erectile dysfunction. Knowing that some men are able to get a partial erection, (but not quite erect enough for intercourse), Zoro is able to accommodate these men too. Unlike traditional hollow strap ons, this one has a large, smooth cut-out underneath the dildo that allows his scrotum and penis to hang below.

If you look at the last image, we've photographed the diagram on the box to demonstrate how a man who is completely flaccid and a man with a partial erection can both wear this harness.

The dildo itself is hollow, but the hollow core is simply to reduce weight and make the dildo's shaft more flexible for the partner's comfort. You do not insert your penis into the hole! (FYI - It measures a mere ¾ inches wide so it's impossible for men to insert their penis into the hollow opening!)

The pure silicone dildo has a silky smooth feel, it is seamless, hypoallergenic and highly elegant. The head is slightly flared for additional enjoyment and the shaft can bend at any point – but we must note that it is not too soft – it still has a firm density that maintains its shape and permits vaginal penetration without bending or folding over.

The dildo can be unhooked from the waist band allowing you to clean it without getting the waistband wet. The thick fabric and elastic combination fits well on his hips and won't twist or move.

A series of 3 adjustable metal snaps placed on each side of the harness allow the user to position the dildo exactly where it fits best with their body's curves. A single metal snap connects the base of the dildo around the legs and to the harness for extra stability. Stylish and functional, this is the new trend in soft hollow strap on dildos for men.

6 1/2 inches
1 1/2 inches across the thickest point
Pure Silicone
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
Maximum Waist Size:
52 inches
Harness Material:
Polyester, Nylon, Elastic
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