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How to Clean Fleshlight: Storage & Cleaning Instructions

How to Clean Fleshlight: Storage & Cleaning Instructions

Sure we all enjoy a good Fleshlight, but it's very important to keep it clean, sanitized and properly stored until your next use. After all, Fleshlights are one of the most expensive sex toys for men and you want to protect your investment!

Today I'll run through some cleaning & care tips and techniques to make sure your Fleshlight never gets moldy, tears or starts to smell gross due to buildup of bacteria. Yuck. I'll also provide storage tips to make sure it stays in tip shop shape for years of male masturbation pleasure.

Why is Cleaning a Fleshlight so Important?

Cleaning ANY male sex toy is absolutely essential. Not just a rinse with water to rinse out your cum either, you really should be using an antibacterial liquid soap or spray to properly sanitize it. I hate to tell you this, but your semen can be loaded with bacteria...

Sperm bacterial contamination generally originates from the urinary tract. When you ejaculate into your Fleshlight, you'll be leaving traces of bacteria in a moist, warm, dark and wet environment. This is the perfect environment for a bacteria colony to grow and multiply.

Sorry to be so graphic, but hopefully this disturbing image will encourage you to pick up a bottle of sex toy cleaner on your way to the checkout page when buying sex toys online. Now that you know why it's necessary to clean a Fleshlight, now I'll provide instructions and step by step techniques for preventing mold, bacteria and to keep it in perfect condition.

Cleaning a Fleshlight
Hold the entry open with your fingers & flush with water.

How to Clean Fleshlight – Step by Step Instructions

  1. Remove the sleeve from the canister.
  2. Turn on the hot water of a faucet.
  3. Using the index & middle fingers on each hand, gently stretch the opening of the sleeve in an “O” shape.
  4. Place this opening under the faucet and let water rush through until the cum has rinsed through the open end, about 30 or 60 seconds.
  5. Turn off the faucet.
  6. Spray sex toy cleaner (or pour antibacterial soap) inside both the entry & exit holes of the sleeve.
  7. Push & rub your fingers through both ends to spread the soap throughout the entire tunnel.
  8. Repeat steps 2 & 3 to rinse the cleaner/soap from the tunnel.

Okay, now that your Fleshlight is squeaky clean, it's important to properly store it. This is just as essential as washing it. The following tips can be applied to any male sex toy too, and is especially important for those that come with canisters or containers for storage purposes. The same steps apply to your DIY Fleshlight too.

What About Cleaning Vibrating Fleshlights?

The mini vibrators that are used to make a Fleshlight sex toy vibrate are waterproof, so this makes washing vibrating Fleshlights really easy! Before following the steps to sanitize the toy above, make sure to remove the vibrator.

The small rubber O ring you'll see around the screw threads where the cap screws closed it what prevents water from getting inside the battery compartment. Make sure this is closed tightly before submerging or rinsing the device underwater.

Always remove the batteries before storing. Over time, batteries can deplete or even worse leak or corrode inside the battery compartment which will render the motor completely useless. This will also void the manufacturer warranty so make sure to take the batteries out after every use.

After Cleaning & Drying the Fleshlight:

Leave the sleeve out of the canister for several hours. If you put it right back into the canister wet,the tunnel won't be able to dry properly and it can get moldy. Mold thrives in wet, dark and moist environments, (such as the interior tunnel of a masturbation sleeve) so it's super important NOT to stick it back in the canister right away.

Even though these instructions are how to clean Fleshlight, the same steps can (and should be) applied to any masturbator or pussy, automatic, mouth or anal pocket pussy for men since the overall design and concept is the same. Regardless of what your masturbation toy is made from, proper cleaning & storage is absolutely essential.

Drying a Fleshlight
Leave the sleeve out of the canister to let air dry before storing.

How to Properly Store a Fleshlight

Follow the step by step instructions on how to store sex toys. First and foremost, after you've washed the pleasure tunnel, the entire sex toy should be dry before stashing it away discreetly. There are 2 ways to dry it: Either wipe it dry with a lint free towel or leave it out to air dry.

Personally I prefer the latter. The silicone surface of a Fleshlight, or any realistic pocket pussy for that matter seems to be a magnet for dust and lint. If you use an ordinary hand towel to dry the surface, you'll see specks of dust, hair, lint and whatever else was on the towel that you didn't see before.

What is a lint free towel? Think microfiber, the type of towel often to use to dry a car because it doesn't leave water streaks behind. Don't have one in your bathroom cabinet? No worries, the good old fashioned air dry method works just as good!

What is a pocket pussy? It is a realistic looking male sex toy with an entry & exit hole used for masturbation. So yes, technically, the Fleshlight IS considered a pocket pussy. It just has a fancy flashlight container for discreet storage.

What is a Fleshlight? This article will distinguish the difference between pocket pussy and Fleshlight and show you some neat things that you may have not seen before. Totally worth a visit while you're bored & browsing the 'net today!

Maintaining the Fleshlight Quickshot

Fleshlight Quickshot

What is Fleshlight Quickshot? It is a new product from the famous male sex toy maker that features a shorter tunnel and unobstructed entry & exit points. The reason I'm adding a note about this version is because one of the main selling features from the company about this brand new launch is that it is easier to clean.

How to clean a Fleshlight Quickshot? You don't need to pull it out of the canister to wash. It dries faster so you don't need to leave it out for several hours as you should do with the regular vagina, mouth or anal and the realistic porn star replica versions (like the uber famous Riley Reid). Because if it's shortened length, it's easier to flush your cum from the tunnel and requires less cleaner to completely sanitize.

The more discreet and compact version requires less maintenance, but it's also shorter so you won't be able to cover your whole cock with textured masturbation goodness, but there is always a trade off for everything in life!

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