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Sexy Valentines Gifts for Him & Her

Sexy Valentines Gifts for Him & Her

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

The perfect sexy Valentines Day gift is no longer just a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers delivered to your door or a sexy red dress to strut your stuff. Dildos and sex toys prevail for couples looking to enhance sexual pleasure.

Valentines Day dildos & sex toys are wildly popular even though your friends won't admit that's what they bought online for their wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. Sex gifts for your relationship are only a few discreet clicks away!

Every year in late January and throughout the month of February, I'm bombarded with questions from couples looking for sexy Valentines Day gifts for him and her and sex toys are one of the most popular choices for customers looking to add a dash of erotic fun and spice up the love life.

Sexy & Romantic Valentines Day Coupons

My ultimate goal as a sex coach is to provide easy ways for couples to improve intimacy in the bedroom. Communication is the biggest blocker of them all, fear of suggesting something new, inhibitions that blanket our true desires.

Coupons are an excellent Valentines Day gift for him AND her are perfect to break the ice (and also super cheap to buy!) We have an assortment of themes from gentle and romantic, to fetish inspired and extra kinky. Here are my favorites best suited to the day of love:

Pleasure Coupons for Her

Pleasure Coupons for Her

Pleasure Coupons for Her are all about passion, romance and savoring love. This romantic themed coupon book for women contains 10 tear away suggestion cards that focus solely on pampering her.

I love the fun colorful images, it's adult themed but not X-rated to maintain its suitability as a gift for any married or dating couple. Order soon – this is our most popular romantic gift for lovers and sells out fast!

Pleasure Coupons for Him

Pleasure Coupons for Him

Pleasure Coupons for Him include a 10 pack of tearaway sex coupons just for men. The colorful cartoon images keep the air causal and do a great job at keeping inhibitions at bay to encourage her to give the suggestions a try!

These sexy coupons are flirty and fun, nothing over the top and too kinky where the average wife or girlfriend will feel embarrassed about performing the tasks. The best cheap Valentines Day gifts for him.

Love Coupons for Couples

Love Coupons for Couples

Love Coupons for Couples are ideal for a night of passion and sharing of elegant intimacy. Unlike most sex coupons, these are tame and loving, an excellent precursor to romance.

Suggestions within the tearaway love coupon booklet include "candlelight dinner" and other sensual suggestions that are perfect reasons to set aside an entire night of romance. What happens after is up to you!

Sexual Fantasy Vouchers

Sexual Fantasy Vouchers

Sexual Fantasy Vouchers are perfect to spice up the sex life. If you'd like to try something naughty in the sack but are shy to ask or make the suggestion, let these ideal naughty sex coupons for couples set the mood for you!

Includes 10 tearaway cards with brightly colored cartoons to lead the way to pursuing sexual adventures. One of my favorite kinky and cheap ideas for lovers looking for a naughty gift.

Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game

Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game

Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game Sure we've all seen sex dice before, but have you seen foreplay dice? This super awesome sex dice game is an excellent icebreaker for newly dating couples who are starting to explore each other's bodies.

It's also a perfect sexy Valentines Day gift for your spouse, well suited to married couples who don't even bother with foreplay anymore. These 6 dice do not offer direct sex positions, instead, it's a sensual and romantic game on building up intimacy and passion as a precursor to sex.

Sensual Valentines Gifts for Her - Massage Oils

If there is one day per year that warrants a soothing, relaxing massage, THIS is THE day! A slow, passionate massage is the ultimate in pampering and expressing love to your husband or wife.

Sure you can spend hundreds of dollars buying a voucher for a professional hot stone massage, but gifting warming or edible massage oil is more personal. It gives the couple a moment to indulge in private pleasures.

A sexy Valentines Day massage is always a lovely treat. Both men and women benefit from the soothing touch and glide of hands over the body. You can even do a reach around and seamlessly transition into foreplay - something your professional couples massage will never provide!

Kissable Erotic Body Massage Oil

Kissable Erotic Body Massage Oil

Kissable Erotic Body Massage Oil from luxury brand System Jo is one of my personal favorite edible massage oils. Aphrodisiac and Pheromone infused formula creates a subconscious cue of enhanced arousal and passion.

Witchcraft, perhaps but that doesn't matter. Once you pour this delicious oily liquid on your lovers body, all you'll want to do is lick, lick and lick! Available in 3 kissable flavors: Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Buttercream and Strawberry Souffle.

Hemp Seed Natural Massage Oil

Hemp Seed Natural Massage Oil

Hemp Seed Natural Massage Oil has an extensive list of features to appeal to anyone looking for all natural, body safe products. It is a natural blend of essential oils, including hemp, almond, grape seed, apricot and vitamin E. It moisturizes the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Vegan and free of harmful ingredients perfect for the most sensitive skin. The series of earthly delightful scent choices include: Naked in the Woods, Lavender, Nag Champa, Skinny Dip, High Tide & Moroccan Nights.

Silicone Based Warming Massage Oil

Silicone Based Warming Massage Oil

Silicone Based Warming Massage Oil is the best warming massage oil for lovers who want a massage that lasts. Most massage oils are water based and eventually, they will absorb into the skin and dry out.

A silicone based massage oil will never absorb, it will stay slick until you wash it off. It even requires soap to break the bond giving you the perfect opportunity to hop in the shower or bath with your lover after the massage is over!

Warming Massage Lotion Kit

Warming Massage Lotion Kit

Warming Massage Lotion Kit, a Motion Lotion product by Doc Johnson is one of the oldest formulas I know of. It's been around for decades, a heavily scented, warms-as-you-rub, extra fruity selection of tastes & scents.

Edible, fun to use, easy to wash off, it doubles as an oral sex enhancer and lubricant too. A budget friendly kit for more variety in the bedroom. Includes a colorful box set with 5 of their most popular flavors.

erotic paint

Erotic Lover's Chocolate Body Paint

Erotic Lover's Body Paint is reserved for those with a dirty sense of humor. Each jar lid has profanity written on the top! The sexual innuendo here is as blunt as it gets: "paint it - eat it - lick it - fuck it".

Direct suggestions telling you exactly what's going to happen next. A real chocolate flavored edible body paint with hilarious packaging, your lover will have a good laugh before carrying you into the bedroom to give it a try!

Sexy Valentines Gifts for Her

You've impressed your lover with sexy lingerie. You're both feeling frisky yet relaxed after the intimate massage. You've redeemed one of your sex coupons.

Now it's time to bring out the new Valentines Day sex toys. For the grand finale, these exciting ideas are some of the best sex toys of the entire catalog that best fit with the romantic theme of V-day. Selections are chosen based on gift-readiness for her.

Although these are all toys and vibrators for women, men will enjoy them just as much! Why? Both will be hands-on with the toy during foreplay culminating in some of the best sex of the year. Enjoy!

Pleasure Kiss Clit Vibrator

Pleasure Kiss Clit Vibrator

Pleasure Kiss Clit Vibrator is the best sex toy gift for her, adorned with raised hearts it looks sweet and nice, perfect for romance! A surprisingly powerful motor spreads it's erotic stimulation directly outwards from the cup.

Inside the cup, long flexible spikes dance over her erogenous zones. Vibration is a heavy rumbling type of sensation. This controller takes an extra battery compared to most clitoral toys, so it's 1/3 more powerful than before. 

Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Pro 2, the next generation is one of the worlds most famous sex toys for women. It is a waterproof, USB rechargeable clitoral stimulator toy with a super discreet, non-phallic design.

Inside its deep cup is a drum that pulses at hypersonic speeds. The resulting sensation is a brisk air pressure directly on the clitoris. Even though the toy is different compared to a clit sucker, it replicates a similar “sucking” sensation through its air pulsing action.

Kissing Butterfly

Kissing Butterfly

Kissing Butterfly is the most popular 1st timers sex toy for beginners and happens to be one of the best Valentines Day sex toys for women. It truly doesn't get any more discreet then this.

Limited phallic representation keeps it as classy as possible while providing her with excellent sexual stimulation. The vibrating butterfly wings lightly tease the labia and the rounded vaginal probe even rubs the G spot when tilted slightly forward.

Clit Kisser

Clit Kisser

Clit Kisser is a sensually soft and slippery extra powerful tongue shaped vibrator for the clitoris. The best way to use it is to circle the long vibrating tongue under the clitoral hood, poke and jiggle it around. (It also feels great on the nipples).

After a few moments, push the tongue into the vagina and enjoy the suction created by the thick wide lips. This is a consistent best seller all year long for women who need a hand boosting the libido and increasing natural vaginal lubrication before sexual intercourse.

Revitalize Clit Pleasure Kit

Revitalize Clit Pleasure Kit

Revitalize Clit Pleasure Kit is the fanciest pocket rocket vibrator I've ever seen. A silky, velvety coating gives the device a touch of class compared to the ordinary cold plastic vibrator. Shiny silver studded base enhances visual appeal.

Includes 3 solid plastic caps that each feel different when nestled next to the clitoris. When used naked, the 3 metal balls warm up quickly to soothe sore muscles. The best toy to use with massage oils! It comes in an attractive feminine gift box ready for giving.

Risque Tulip Vibrator

Risque Tulip Vibrator

Risque Tulip Vibrator is the best Valentines day dildo vibrator for women. Forget the tulip flowers and buy this instead! (Or tuck it in the bouquet of tulip flowers, now THAT would be great!)

Although it doesn't look fancy with bells and whistles, all the magic lies within the design and function. Perfectly engineered with immense power. The flared head contrasts the skinny shaft so all she notices is the buzzing deep inside. Oh-so orgasmic!

Jack Rabbit Vibrator – 5 Row

Jack Rabbit Vibrator – 5 Row

Jack Rabbit Vibrator – 5 Row is the hallmark rabbit vibrator for women. If you want to buy her relentless orgasms, THIS is the toy you need. Firm and stiff shaft with 5 stacked rows of spinning beads massage the vagina during her most powerful climax to make the experience feel heavenly.

The firm, split rabbit ears have an intense buzz that feels better than any other rabbit vibrator. Completely waterproof for kinky times in the shower. It's like buying her a Ferrari. It truly doesn't get any better than this.

Petite Satin G Spot Toy

Petite Satin G Spot Toy

Petite Satin G Spot Toy is perfect for locating the female G Spot. Most G spot sex toys have long shafts, but if she's new to G spot stimulation, often the shaft is inserted too far the the mark is missed completely.

This stout little gem assures shallow penetration to rub the magic zone thus creating excellent orgasms. Furthermore, the silky coating and selection of bright feminine colors makes this one of the most classy beginner vibrators in the entire online catalog.

Dual G Kiss Vibrator

Dual G Kiss Vibrator

Dual G Kiss Vibrator is the best double vibrator that provides stimulation to all her erogenous zones. Vaginal, clitoral and G spot pleasure combine to cast a thrilling climax over your sex play. The firm shaft distributes powerful vibration evenly throughout the surface.

It's also a sure fire way to help the body produce its own natural vaginal lubrication. One of my top recommendations for a couple seeking a vibrator to use during sex. The vibrator is small enough to make a beginner feel comfortable and contains enough power for an expert to enjoy her experience.

Turbo Accelerator

Turbo Accelerator

Turbo Accelerator is hands down the strongest and best bullet vibrator ever made. If you want a quality insanely powerful stimulator to use during foreplay and intercourse, pick this right now and head immediately to the checkout.

Includes a removable spiky silicone sleeve to add a different sensation to contrast the smooth plastic bullet below. I promise she'll LOVE it! It's also one of my personal all-time favorite sex toys in my own bedside table at home.

Frisky Finger Vibrator

Frisky Finger Vibrator

Frisky Finger Vibrator is all about playful fun. He wears it on his finger and explores all her hot spots. The squishy jelly like surface feels cushy and gentle and the quiet motor buzzes gently never to distract from your actions.

The curve is ideal for scooping under the clitoris during foreplay and teasing the nipples in between sensual licks and kisses. A husband and wife seeking suggestions for ways to spice up the love life will often select a finger vibrator as it's the best discreet way to try something new.

Mini Travel Wand

Mini Travel Wand

Mini Travel Wand is a compact wand vibrator with a blunt rounded head over a flexible neck. Wand vibrators are a hot trend for women's sex toys. Why? They were originally invented as muscle massagers, and not intended for sexual stimulation.

If you are unsure what she'll think about receiving a sex toy for Valentines Day, the wand vibrator is the perfect one to try. It really doesn't get any more discreet than this. Also, it just happens that the rounded head matches the clitoris perfectly!


Teardrop Vibrator

Teardrop Vibrator has a torpedo shaped head that gradually narrows to a thin neck. Not just a pretty look, but a perfectly shaped pleasure tool for serious erotic pleasure.

When inserted into the vagina, all she'll focus on is the buzzing from within and not vaginal stretching. Full and complete internal stimulation like this is a powerful way for her to experience the finest in erotic self pleasure.

Pearlessence G Spot Vibrator

Pearlessence G Spot Vibrator

Pearlessence G Spot Vibrator is cheap yet really good. One of those diamond-in-the-rough type of female vibrators, the steep curve effortlessly finds the G spot even if she's a beginner and this is her first vibrator ever. Discreet, totally non phallic and pretty glittered overlay make it a classy choice.


Sensuva Chocolate Arousal Oil

Sensuva Arousal Oil is made with a unique blend of pure essential oils & extracts. Does she have a low libido? A little goes a long way to create clitoral tingling which in turn makes the vagina naturally wet.

When applied to the clitoris, it creates an exciting sensation that pulsates and vibrates the most sensitive part of her sensual body, and has a delicious chocolaty flavor for her partner to enjoy.

Sexy Valentines Day Lingerie

Exactly who gives sexy lingerie to whom? Technically, it's a sex gift for both him and her! She feels like a liberated sex goddess wrapping her man around her finger with pure lust and desire.

He gets a view that speaks to his instinct, guys get off on visual stimuli and seeing their lover in sexy red lingerie gets his blood boiling. It is, quite literally, the sex gift that keeps on giving. With that said, here are a few unconventional ideas for Valentines Day lingerie that I think will make a special night of passion to remember forever:

Hustler Vibrating Panties

Hustler Vibrating Panties

Hustler Vibrating Panties take your traditional sexy thong and up the pleasure a notch – these include a sewn in pouch right over top of the clitoris.

Slide in the wireless mini vibrator and enjoy hands-free stimulation right on the hot spot. Do a sexy dance for him, he'll be insanely aroused knowing you are being aroused by the vibrator. It really doesn't get any sexier than this. Available in 2 sizes.

Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Remote Control Panty Vibrator places control in HIS hands! With the remote control, he can choose the speed setting of the motor and choose how strong and how often you'll feel the buzz.

It has an impressive 50 foot range and couples have been known to use this in public. The red lace thong ties at the hips making it suitable for any body size and shape. One size fits all, for real this time!

Crotchless Lace Thong

Crotchless Lace Thong

Crotchless Lace Thong is a simple low rise thong with elegant red and black stitching and highly erotic appeal. The open crotch allows access to your naughty bits.

Leave the panty on during foreplay and sex to add a little extra visual appeal. Sure to make her feel ultra sexy, and the best part – for a cheap price too! Choose from Medium or Large size options.

Red Bustier & G String

2 Piece Crochet Bodystocking

2 Piece Crochet Bodystocking is a ultra stretchy, sheer see through 2 piece lingerie set for women that is a totally unique piece compared to everything else available out there.

The deep red crochet fabric gives him just the right amount of peek-a-boo effect while wrapping your body in pure sex appeal. A high quality yet budget friendly lingerie set is an excellent ensemble perfectly tailored to the international day of love.

Valentines Day Gifts to Boyfriend & Girlfriend

  • Penis Ring Vibrators are the perfect sex gift for couples.
  • Why? You actually need to have sex to use it! How do vibrating penis rings work? The man wears the ring over his erection. During vaginal penetration, a vibrating stimulator makes contact with her labia and/or clitoris.

    This encourages the pair to have deep, passionate sex as shallow penetrations will have little stimulating effect. Both partners will share pleasure because the penis vibrator stimulates him too!

  • Sex novelties & accessories for lovers is an exciting “add-ons” category not to be missed.
  • It is stocked full of unique adult gift ideas such as flavored oral sex enhancers, tingling female arousal gels & creams, sex dice, adult board games, sex position books, massage creams and blow job throat numbing sprays.

    Themes range from romantic to kinky to funny, so regardless of your partner personality, you're certain to locate an accessory guaranteed to improve your own sexy Valentines Day gift for her & him.

  • Nipple clamps for men & women are a popular sex gift for couples.
  • Why? Nipple toys are rarely used during solo masturbation. They are most often used by couples during foreplay.

    Lovers are always looking for new ways to make foreplay last longer. Nipple play is the perfect activity that helps partners slow down and enjoy every erogenous zone individually before moving on to the final act of the night.

  • Womens Dildos are a best seller anytime of year but have a special place during Valentines Day sex!
  • Traditionally, a lady will use a dildo alone while she masturbates. Quite often her boyfriend is not invited in to witness the glorious spectacle, but on V-day, he just may get a pass!

    Even though you'll rarely find realistic looking dildos on a romantic sex gift guide for women, I encourage you to acknowledge the benefit of dildos during foreplay. Similar to nipple toys, dildos are great at making foreplay last longer. They help her “warm up” for sex so once intercourse occurs, her vagina feels more relaxed and ready.

Valentine's Day Sex Toys for Couples

Satisfyer Classic Couples Vibrator

Satisfyer Classic Couples Vibrator

Satisfyer Classic Couples Vibrator is the epitome of sexual sharing, both partners experience the same sensations at the same time. How is this possible?

This sleek and low profile “U” shaped vibrator inserts partially into the vagina while the wider end rests over the pubic bone. The vibrations stimulate the clitoris and radiate down into the vaginal probe so that he'll feel tingling vibration on his penis too.

two finger vibrator

Two Finger Vibrator

Two Finger Vibrator is the best kinky Valentines Day gift for couples. Insert your fingers into the vagina for G-spot stimulation, and while you're moving your fingers in the “come here” motion, the palm of your hand will naturally press the vibrator against the clit. Woohoo!

Sexy Valentines Gifts for Him

These ideas for men are suitable for a boyfriend & husband. Giving an erotic themed Valentines gift for him is something he secretly lusts after, it opens the door for imaginative play in the bedroom. Some of these are for his own personal pleasure time, but who's not to say you can't tuck in behind him and take part of the action?

head honcho

Head Honcho Masturbation Sleeve

Head Honcho Masturbation Sleeve is my top pick as a Valentines Day gift for him. It's the most discreet and non-phallic of all sex toys for him so you wont feel weird giving it to your boyfriend.

Suction chambers inside the tunnel increase suction as he jerks off. The build up simulates the feel of a blow job. Closed end helps to maintain this sucking sensation and also prevents him from making a mess all over the floor after he's done.

Pixel Tenga Masturbator

Pixel Tenga Masturbator

Pixel Tenga Masturbator is the best seller of the world's most famous male sex toy manufacturer, Tenga. Any dude will be lucky to get this as a sexy Valentines Day gift for boyfriend.

Watch the video demo on the product page to see how it stretches. Ribbed texture, silky soft silicone and a closed end make this amazing masturbator the best thing he'll ever stick his dick into (besides you, of course!)

super 8 sling

Super 8 Sling & Penis Ring Combo

Super 8 Sling & Ring Combo is tailor made for enhancing male sexual pleasure. He'll benefit from increased enjoyment during masturbation and intercourse.

Extra thick gummy soft bands completely surround his manhood and cradle the scrotum placing consistent even pressure throughout The concept seems simple, but it boosts orgasmic pleasure and intensity when its time to finish.

Large Weighted Cock Ring

Large Weighted Cock Ring

Large Weighted Cock Ring is a totally unique kinky Valentines Day gift for him. Adding weight around the dick while you masturbate is a highly erotic sensation. Adding this weight in the form of a swinging ball provides a substantial boost of unexpected pleasure.

This is the large ball banger on steroids, a heavy ribbed swinging pendulum he's absolutely going to notice. During sex, the swinging ball hits his lover's thighs, adding an external tap that moves in rhythm with sex.

gun oil

Gun Oil Masturbation Lube

Gun Oil Masturbation Lube is a water based lubrication meaning it he won't need to take a shower after he's done to rinse it off. It comes in 3 sizes.

Perfect for the man on the go, and also a great lube to use when you want to give him a little hand service to “clean out the pipes!” Super attractive masculine oil masturbation packaging makes this an ideal sexy Valentines Day gift for men.

Silicone Nipple Play Suckers

Silicone Nipple Play Suckers

Silicone Nipple Play Suckers are a superb idea because they introduce a man to the sensual enjoyment of nipple suction. Silky soft cups feel comfortable against the areola.

Give it a squeeze and stick one to each of his nipples before mutual masturbation or sex. The best part? At under $11 they are a fun cheap sexy Valentines gift for guys to encourage him to try something new.

Double O Vibrating cock and ball ring

Double O Vibrating Cock Ring

Double O Vibrating Cock Ring  is a powerful, supercharged sexual enhancer for couples seeking a hands free way to add a thrilling buzzing vibration to sex. The vibrator is the longest on any cock ring of this type offering more complete vibration assuring full body to body vibration during intercourse.

Pleasure Tickler Vibrating Penis Ring

Pleasure Tickler Vibrating Ring

Pleasure Tickler Vibrating Ring  is the best sex toy gift for a curious first timer. It's super simple, super discreet and cheaply priced. The jelly soft ring stretches really far to fit any man's penis size. A thin pouch holds the tiny bullet vibrator in place and produces a wonderful tingle to enhance the pleasures of sex.

Ram Rod Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Ram Rod Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Ram Rod Vibrating Penis Sleeve is the first and only option with a vibrator directly on his shaft! This maximizes stimulation for both partners. More vibration = more power & pleasure. He'll enjoy a powerful tingle across the entire length of his cock. She'll enjoy internal vibration that moves in & out matching the rhythm of sex. 

Ribbed Sextender Vibrating Penis Extension

Ribbed Sextender Vibrating Extension

Ribbed Sextender Vibrating Extension is a vibrating penis sleeve that adds a spark into the bedroom for a minimal price. The mega stretchy sleeve has a jelly soft consistency. The natural flared shape fits his erection perfectly and the deeply ribbed surface adds an erotic texture for the receiver during penetrations.

Kinky Valentines Gifts for Him:

  • Pegging Toys - Pegging is a wildly kinky trend taking place in bedrooms across the USA. If he's expressed interest, check out our selection of excellent beginner pegging toys & accessories. It pushes the limits of Valentines Gifts for him, but for the adventurous couple it is a fantastic idea.
  • Penis Rings - Penis rings are no longer just made for men with ED, modern penis rings are made to enhance sexual pleasure during lovemaking & masturbation. Find cock & ball rings, stretchers and vibrating rings here too.
  • Masturbation Sleeves - Masturbators are non-phallic sex toys for men that are an excellent sexy Valentines gift for him. They do not look like an obvious fake vagina so you won't feel weird giving him this as an erotic adult gift for the holidays.

Sexy Valentines Day Specials – A Coupon Code for You!

Before you place your order online, make sure to use our Valentines Day coupon code and take advantage of our sale!

Enter the Valentines Day special code: LOVE on the checkout page to save an extra 10% off your order!

The sale and coupon code is valid until February 14th 2023.

Mayla Green

Mayla Green has been involved in the sex toy industry since 2004. Working behind the motto “Sex TOYS should be FUN”, Mayla provides unique tips & advice amassed from over a decade of hands on experience with adult products. She also coaches clients how to fully enjoy sexual pleasure and can be seen in major publications & magazines online.

Happily married since 2009, she knows firsthand how the sex life eventually becomes repetitive (which truthfully means boring), so if you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Mayla's your gal! Her literary pride & joy is covering topics for established couples needing inspiration to keep lovemaking exciting and fun.

Not in a relationship? Her other focus is teaching women how to properly handle the “little person in the canoe” to experience the best orgasms ever, no partner required! Her creative and innovative tips, techniques and advice is on par with a certified sex therapist or Sexologist, but with an extra advantage from her knowledge of the adult toy business.

View all articles published by Mayla Green exclusively for The Adult Toy Shop sex blog and follow me on Instagram.

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