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Justin Beaver

Either a dream come true or worst nightmare!

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Hmmmm... Where do we begin? Love him or hate him, the kid's of age so of course the blow up doll immediately follows. One of the most decorated personalities created just as many hearts pounding as confused angry heads shaking. What do with him is up to you - toss him around, give him a punch in the face or get inside this young gun. Whatever, he is forever a sex slave in a blow-up form. A third viable option for this ridiculous doll is for a party, skip the girl; she has been done before, but the Just-in Beaver doll is totally new and sidesteps the cliche of a sex doll. His body inflates and has an inflatable dick. For people wondered how big his dick is - (and we assume his dick is quite large, after all he has such a loyal following of women - and men) now the truth can be told. It is beaver fever, and he is finally 18 - it is not wrong to have your way with him. (Or kick him a good kick across the room depending on where your opinions stand with this controversial pop star.)

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