Personal lubricant is the most important accessory for sex toys. It reduces friction between your skin and the sex toy material making the toy glide gently & easily (or fast & hard is that's what you prefer!) Water based lubricant complements sexual intercourse and adult toys; silicone based is best for male masturbation. Sex lubricant reduces discomfort due to vaginal dryness and anal lube is thick for easing into the anus. Flavored lube is great for oral sex and to mask the scent of condoms or dildos.

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  1. Silky Caress Lubricant
    Silky Caress Lubricant
    $9.71 $11.99 You Save $2.28
    Deepen the bond of physical contact & enjoy a fantasy!
  2. Flavored Desensitizer
    Flavored Desensitizer
    $9.71 $11.99 You Save $2.28
    Mint or Cinnamon desensitizing anal cream.
  3. Cinnamon Anal Lube
    Cinnamon Anal Lube
    $12.95 $15.99 You Save $3.04
    A great scent to mask unpleasant odors.
  4. Golden Girl Anal Jelly
    Golden Girl Anal Jelly
    $8.09 $9.99 You Save $1.90
    Thick petroleum based jelly encourages easy entry.
  5. Candy Lube - 4 Flavors
    Candy Lube - 4 Flavors
    $7.28 $8.99 You Save $1.71
    Out of stock
    Bring your sweet tooth into the bedroom!
  6. Eros Classic Bodyglide
    Eros Classic Bodyglide
    $22.67 $27.99 You Save $5.32
    A popular European brand entering North America.
  7. ID Cool Mint
    ID Cool Mint
    $14.57 $17.99 You Save $3.42
    A refreshing option perfect for morning sex!
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Items 61-67 of 67