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Nipple Cups

An ingenious idea for hands-free nipple vibration.

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Introducing our new favorite hands-free nipple vibrator! Includes 2 silicone-lined plastic cups with removable mini vibrators. Also includes one hand bulb that attaches to the tops of the cups.

To use: Attach the bulb firmly to the nozzle of the cup. Flick on the vibration switch. Press the cup over your nipple. Squeeze the bulb 2 or 3 times and quickly remove the bulb which automatically closes the valve on the cup. The black silicone lining holds the vibrator in the middle with a flexible strap. This allows the vibrator to rest directly against the nipple regardless of how much suction you're using.

The tiny vibrators can be removed form the straps. The battery compartment can open to replace the batteries. (Batteries are included). The vibration has a virtually silent, yet high pitch tingle. The thick silicone liner feels soft and offers excellent padding on top of the plastic dome. The liners can be removed from the cups. If you're looking for an original nipple toy to enhance sensation, this quiet, powerful suction vibrator is a must-have!

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