Dual Density Buddy

Biggest stroker sleeve we've ever seen. Heavy duty & substantial.

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This one-of-a-kind sex toy for men is packed full of features to enhance the enjoyment of masturbation. Firstly, it's HUGE. It's the biggest pocket pussy of this style we've ever seen. Heavy duty, substantial and well built. You'll be impressed when you see it for the first time. The tight pussy lips have the same detail and behavior you'd find on a full-size pocket pussy with "hugging" movements as you thrust and 3D styling that looks exactly like real pussy lips. The closed ended tunnel has hundreds of soft bumps that add texture similar to real life.

Once you insert into the tunnel, you'll understand why we called this "Dual Density". The tunnel feels tighter, imitating the soft & tight sections of a woman's vagina. As you stroke, the chambers release air and create a vacuum suction further increasing the suckling sensation. Not only do you get to experience excellent visual detail, but you'll feel a sucking similar to oral sex. The sleeve's walls are so thick, you won't feel your hand holing on. It immerses you into the feel of real sex.

Lastly, the ergonomic exterior ridges are easy to hold, assuring you'll be able to stroke as fast as you want without the pussy sliding off your cock. This handy advanced masturbator does it all. If you want the feel and look of a full size pocket pussy but still want it to be discreet and portable, this heavy duty pocket pussy is the perfect compromise.

Length: 6 inches
Diameter: 3 inches at the thickest point
Material: Life like silicone
Phthalate Free: Yes
Latex Free: Yes
Color Options: Black, White

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