Passion Play Restraints

Exotic faux fur animal print velcro cuffs & blindfold.
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Sexy and wild faux fur animal print. Super comfortable and soft, incredibly strong and exotic! Take a trip on the sexy-wild side with these exotic faux fur animal print cuffs. The set comes with a black satin blindfold and two sets of double sided cuffs, one for your ankles and one for your wrists. The cuffs connect to each other with study and flexible nylon straps and a plastic clip. The cuffs features Velcro closures, which means strong and secure, so your partner will never be able to wiggle away! The ultra soft fabric will arouse your partners senses while blindfolded! Who knows what will happen to them next! The blind fold features two thin elastic straps, which is better than just one for keeping it on and in place over the eyes. Wrist Cuffs: Accommodate a maximum diameter of 4 1/4 inches. Connector strap measures 3 1/2 inches long. Ankle Cuffs: Accommodate a maximum diameter of 5 inches. Connector strap measures 8 inches long.
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