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How to Use a Prostate Massager: Tips & Techniques

How to Use a Prostate Massager: Tips & Techniques

Last Updated on March 6, 2023

Male prostate massagers are a hot commodity found stashed away in American bedrooms everywhere. Nothing else is capable of unleashing such powerful orgasms. Prostate massage, also known as milking, stimulates the gland and creates a strong sense of sexual arousal. When used properly, mens prostate toys also make ejaculations feel stronger and “heavier” than usual.

Guys who already enjoy masturbating with the aid of a sex toy with will often add a vibrating prostate massager tool to the collection and use them together. P-spot sex toys can also be incorporated into kinky couples foreplay and used during sexual intercourse.

Receiving oral sex while your partner is using a prostate massager is an unparalleled sexual experience, but that's a whole other topic for a future blog entry! In today's tutorial, I'll cover tips and techniques for beginners looking to try a male P-spot massage tool for the first time.

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How to Insert a Prostate Massager

The most important piece of advice I can give for any guy researching how to use a prostate massager is to use plenty of lubrication. Men who had a negative first time experience failed to properly lubricate not only the tool, but the anus too.

The anus does not naturally lubricate itself and the rectum will always remain dry without your help. If you try to shove something up your butt without lube, you'll feel nothing but uncomfortable friction and a “pulling” sensation. Not sexy. ~ Mayla Green

Furthermore, it's not safe either. The top danger of using a prostate massager toy is the possibility of tearing sensitive tissue inside the anus & rectum or damaging the sphincter. This will never happen if you use lots of anal lubricant when inserting the toy.

Thick and viscous water-based anal lube is the most popular choice simply because it's not as runny as regular sex lube. Some men swear by silicone lube, but we think it's too difficult to completely wash away (it is not water soluble). Hybrid lubes are a perfect compromise that men really seem to enjoy.

The next step is to ease it in slowly with a repeated “in & out” gentle thrusting motion. Why? As stated above, the anus does not lubricate itself so you will need to thrust toy in and out slowly to evenly distribute lube throughout the cavity. Only once you feel no more friction can you truly lay back and enjoy the intensity of the prostate massager orgasm.

Inserting a prostate massager
Most important takeaway from today's tutorial: LUBE IT UP!

How to Use a Prostate Stimulator:

  1. Lubricate the toy
  2. Apply lube to your finger
  3. Rub your lubricated finger around the anal sphincter
  4. Hold open 1 butt cheek with your free hand
  5. Slowly “poke in” the toy with your other hand
  6. Once inserted, slowly move the toy in & out to evenly distribute the lube
  7. After you can insert it enough to reach the prostate gland, you're all set for pleasure

How to Use a Male Prostate Massager – Step by Step Guide for Beginners

If you've been browsing the mens prostate toys category, you'll likely notice there are several different shapes and sizes of prostate masager sex toys. Some even have external stimulators, teasers and other odd-looking features designed to touch your balls. The exact feature of the particular device will dictate the steps needed to properly use it, so I'll list the instructions based on the features and shape of the toy:

Example 1: The Long Handled Prostate Stimulator

This piece of advice is so important, I've added a video demo to show exactly how to use a prostate massager and make sure you actually find the gland! Most men's anal toys are longer than required for accurately pinpointing the hot spot, so this video demo can be applied to virtually any toy that is longer than 4 inches insertable (as a reminder, the prostate gland is located between 3 and 4 inches inside the anus facing the front).

If you just shove a long probe in your butt, it will miss the gland entirely. It's just way too long. Guys like long handled stimulators however because they are easy to reach around and hold with one hand while you masturbate with the other. You'll need to find the prostate gland with your finger first, then compare the depth to the tool so that when you insert it, you'll locate the gland right away.

  1. Locate the prostate gland with your finger
  2. Note the depth needed to find it on your finger
  3. Compare the marked location on your finger to the shaft of the toy
  4. Hold onto this spot with your index finger & thumb
  5. Insert the device following the steps noted in the section above

Example 2: The Continuously Curved Prostate Tool

Unlike the example above, this shape has a large, pronounced, or continuous curved shape and is also known as male G spot toys. There is no need for following the “marking” procedures because once inserted, it will naturally follow the interior curve of the rectum and rub the P-spot gland effortlessly. This style is a common beginner's selection because they are so easy to properly use:

  1. Insert it into the anus by following the aforementioned instructions
  2. As you slide it in, keep adding pressure facing forwards (towards your scrotum)
  3. Once you feel the tingling pressure, stop there
  4. Hold the base firmly in the palm of your hand and rock it towards the front in a “come here” motion

Example 3: The Male Prostate Massager with Cock Ring

Prostate massager and cock ring
Click to view the hands-free Ass-Gasm plug & ring.

The only truly hands-free prostate massager, it is the “set and forget” male sexual enhancer that presses the P-spot, adds pressure between your testicles, and wraps around the base of your erection. The combination of all 3 of these erotic stimuli creates a fantastic sensation; of course, should be no surprise to hear that by now!

As you can imagine, the combination of external and internal pleasure feels simply stellar when you ejaculate. Men wear the cock ring prostate butt plug combo mostly during masturbation, but it is totally hands-free so you can wear it during sex too.

  1. Slide the cock ring down your erection and rest it at the base of the shaft
  2. Lubricate your anus AND the plug
  3. With one hand, stretch the scrotum strap to give extra slack to insert the butt plug
  4. Insert the plug with your other hand and enjoy

How to Use a Vibrating Prostate Massager

I think it's a darn shame when men pass over the vibrating prostate stimulator. Some think it's too weird to have vibration in the butt. I say you really should give it a try – the added buzzing skyrockets your sexual response into another world. Yes, orgasms are really strong, every time.

The wireless vibrating prostate massager is a good choice for beginners. No cords or hassles, a simple self contained vibrator buzzes once you either turn the dial at the base of the handle or press the button on the bullet vibrator.

vibrating prostate massager
Powerful vibrating prostate massager for men.

In the example shown in the pictures here, I demonstrate a corded vibrating prostate stimuator. This is the strongest men's vibrator radiating a supremely strong tingle unlike any of the wireless versions. If you want to fully jump in and go for big pleasure, one like this should be on your radar today.

  1. Locate the prostate gland with the toy before activating the motor
  2. Once positioned in place, activate the motor
  3. Do not move the device, let the vibration stay over the P-spot until you cum

Can you activate the motor BEFORE inserting it? Of course you can!

The reason I suggest the proper way to use a vibrating prostate massager is to leave the motor off until you find the P-Spot is because if there is vibration in the butt, pleasure surrounds the entire cavity, so you may not even know if you're “hitting the mark” or not. Sure it will feel good, as does any vibrating anal toy, but in order to effectively stimulate the prostate with the vibrating device, it's best to pinpoint its location first.

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