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Crotchless Harness Kit

Dominatrix's top choice with shiny surface & 2 penis shaped dildos.

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The shiny stiff harness perfect for a dominatrix with 2 attachments perfect for pegging. A good looking design with open crotch to let the user enjoy sexual sensations at the same time as the receiver. The open crotch is suitable for men, his penis & testicles can hang below. If worn by a woman, it leaves perfect access for her to enjoy toys too.

In the 1st photo, you can see a small square Velcro tab right above the dildo. This Velcro tab on the Crotchless Harness Dildo Kit adjusts to keep each dildo firmly in place. The Velour lined harness rests delicately again the skin while the shiny PVC exterior has dark and devilish look.

Includes 2 dildo attachments with different sizes. Even though one is pink and the other is ivory, they are made of the same jelly material and have a flexible shaft and slippery surface. Be sure to add lube especially if used for anal pegging. The high quality dildos can be used alone too, the flat round base is perfect for ramming. A wonderful kinky sex kit for couples who place high importance on appearance, this is one of the better looking hardcore strap on harnesses out there.

Large Dildo Length: 7 inches
Large Dildo Diameter:
1 1/2 inches
Small Dildo Length:
6 inches
Small Dildo Diameter:
1 1/4 inches
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
Maximum waist size:
49 inches
Harness Material:
Thick PVC, velour lining

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