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Simply Strapless Dildo

Heavy duty vibrating strapless dildo best for kinky couples.

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This heavy duty vibrating strapless dildo offer couples with creative minds a fun erotic night of kinky play. It's perfect ergonomic design works - the bulbous vaginal plug stays in the vagina better than other with a slim shape. It's kind of like a butt plug - the large diameter stays inside while the skinny neck stays inside the opening. The plugging feel is highly erotic too, the wearer will love that feel. Triple ridges on the large dildo add external texture to the labia.

The long dildo has a smooth surface with a slight upwards curved penis shaped tip. This slides into your partner easily, the stiff shaft will never bend on you so it's possible to thrust lightning fast. On a woman, it reaches the g-spot and if used on a man, it can touch the prostate. There's fun for both women and men here! The vaginal plug can bend assuring a comfy fit no matter what your position.

The mini vibrator inserts into a hole at the end and vibrates the bottom half of the dildo and radiates into the vaginal plug. The receiver will feel vibration only during the deepest thrusting as the tip of the long dildo does not vibrate. It's heavy and significant bulk may prove difficult for the wearer to walk around without helping hand, but we love the bulkiness because it makes it feel more substantial, it's like a more "hardcore" feeling strapless dildo compared to the others. Try it you're kinky enough!

Total Length: 9 1/2 inches
Vaginal Plug Length: 3 3/4 inches
Vaginal Plug Diameter: 1 1/2 inches
Dildo Length: 8 inches
Dildo Diameter: Slightly under 1 1/2 inches
Material: Silicone
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes
Batteries: 3 cells, included
Motor: 3 speeds & 5 vibrating patterns
Waterproof: Yes
Color Options: Black, Beige

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