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Rex Squirting

Rex, the big ejaculating dildo of your dreams.

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The stocky squirting dildo of your dreams has arrived. He comes with a manly name too: "Rex", the master of the bedroom. A large chunky slippery cock with liquid reservoir inside his testicles. The shaft looks like a real man's dick, plasticized, shinier and bigger.

The rubber flexes to fit inside your body, but it's not overly soft; he'll never go limp or saggy before you're done. This is also the type of sex toy surface that begs for lubricant - you'll enjoy the slipperiest thrusting of your life. We love it!

To use, dip the shaft under water and squeeze the balls to create vacuum inside the tubing. This vacuum will draw liquid into the reservoir. Enjoy the dildo and when Rex is ready to blow his load, just squeeze his balls and the let flow begin!

Total Length:
8 inches
Insertable Length:
6 1/2 inches
Ranges between 1 3/4 - 2 inches
Premium Rubber
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:

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