Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators for women recreate a life like sexual fantasy but with the added bonus of powerful vibration. We hope every woman will own a realistic vibrating dildo because they're more fun than one without a motor! It's simply a sex toy for better orgasms. All the realistic vibrators are organized by size from small to large, and if you're looking for the the most life like experience, check the Real Skin section.

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  1. Mini Stud
    Mini Stud
    $29.15 $35.99 You Save $6.84
    The smallest real skin vibrator available features a silent motor.
  2. Mini Boss
    Mini Boss
    $29.15 $35.99 You Save $6.84
    Awesome little penis vibe has a "big feel" without the "big size".
  3. Revel Vibe
    Revel Vibe
    $14.57 $17.99 You Save $3.42

    A medium sized budget luxury vibrator for ladies.

  4. Bending Clitterific
    Bending Clitterific
    $24.29 $29.99 You Save $5.70

    Flexes and stays where you place it. Super soft!

  5. Basic Vibrating Dong
    Basic Vibrating Dong
    $25.10 $30.99 You Save $5.89

    Really soft & simple vibrating toy for ladies.

  6. X5 Vibe
    X5 Vibe
    $19.43 $23.99 You Save $4.56

    The softest penis vibrator we have.

  7. Long Classic Vibrator
    Long Classic Vibrator
    $29.15 $35.99 You Save $6.84

    The famous dildo shape you love, elongated!

  8. Classic Vibrating Dildo
    Classic Vibrating Dildo
    $21.05 $25.99 You Save $4.94

    The same dildo you've always loved is now a vibrator!

  9. Easy Bend Stud
    Easy Bend Stud
    $46.97 $57.99 You Save $11.02

    Super-soft vibe bends & stays in place!

  10. Easy Bend Ballsy
    Easy Bend Ballsy
    $46.16 $56.99 You Save $10.83

    Super powerful, thick & soft vibrating flexible penis.

  11. Long Chocolate Dream
    Long Chocolate Dream
    $26.72 $32.99 You Save $6.27
    Out of stock

    A well hung and softly textured sex toy for women.

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Items 61-71 of 71