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Choose Your Fetish

Easy sex game for couples with 100 fetish ideas.

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When thinking of new fetish activities, do you sometimes suffer writer's block? That's okay, leave it up to the experts at the adult game companies who've sat around the boardroom table probably for weeks trying to brainstorm 100 fetish activities to create this game. All the thinking is done, all you need to do is the playing! A lively looking little box with matching game cards. Roll the dice, pick a card and voila! Fetish at your fingertips. Over 100 ideas within, probably the simplest sex game for couples but when it comes to feeling frisky, the last thing most of us want to do is read through some long winded instruction manual and try to remember following rules. There are no rules with the Choose Your Fetish game, it's the most straightforward sex game ever. Easy as pie, fun as you make it!

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