Tickle Your Fancy

The best masturbation guide for women with 30 ways to embrace your sexuality.

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Behold, the best female masturbation guide with 30 techniques and 60 illustrations that help to guide the reader to the right place. This masturbation guide is for women, but men can certainly benefit from this information by knowing her secrets. Teaching the reader to embrace sexuality and understand it is a good thing to feel sexually satisfied.

It never ceases to amaze us how much information can be written about such a small object. The clitoris is like a little seedling in the field of lust. Knowing how to nurture the seed is the key to the green thumb of "female gardening".

Paperback 90 pages

Table of Contents

1 - Masturbation is Healthy
2 - The Female Anatomy
3 - About Orgasm
4 - Getting Ready for Pleasure
5 - Fantasy and Adult Entertainment
6 - Lubrication
7 - Clitoral Stimulation
8 - Dildos and Vaginal Penetration
9 - Vibrators
10 - G-spot Play
11 - Anal Play
12 - Water Fun and Creative Objects
13 - Cleanliness and Safety Tips.

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