Fetish Fantasy Suckers

Whoa! More suction than ever before.

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Do you wish your small nipple suckers had more suction? We've got your best toy, right here! These might appear odd and cumbersome, but it's actually quite a clever design.

Place each cup over a nipple. (You may need your lover to help you, they need to be perfectly placed for the suction to be effective). Of course, it's possible to do this by yourself, but a little more fumbling may be required. Patience pays off though, once you've sealed the gap, the suction is INTENSE! The hand bulb squeezes out 5 or 6 times the air the tiny bulbs can. You'll notice the difference instantly. Squeeze the bulb as deep as you can. It only requires 1 squeeze toy work. If you want even more suction, squeeze the little bulbs at the top of each suction cup. When you're done, press the release valve to return the air to the tubing and you'll be able to remove the cups easily.

Totally original and totally kinky!

Total Length: 21 inches from bulb to suction cup
Sucker Length:
2 inches
Suction Cup Diameter:
1 inch
PVC rubber
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes

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