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Press Clamps

A more hardcore choice with stiff & even pressure.


The flat design of these nipple clamps give you just the right amount of pressure to hold on and stay in place, but can also be used to give you more pressure than you are used to! Adjustable with the tiny screw, these clamps are made to fit perfectly flush against the body.

They also have a hardcore look compared to alligator or tweezer clamps, so it's a popular choice for the dominatrix or lady in charge. If you are looking for a stronger nipple clamp that standard clamps, the flat design is the one for you. They are adjustable for the perfect fit, turn the screw to clamp the press downward. The dangling chain connecting the two clamps will give you a quick burst of cold metal against your hot body as you move and grind around.

Try putting them in the freezer for a few minutes first before wearing them to experience a new kind of shiver! If you already know and love nipple clamps, but are wanting the next step up, these are the ones for you.

Color Options:
Black, Silver

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